Believe In You

You’re sick of feeling weak. You hate looking in the mirror. And Goddamn you wish every stair you climbed didn’t leave you reeling.

You want to change. You really do.

Yet you tell yourself it’s too complicated. You could never understand dieting. You say working out is too hard. You think, “If only I had the right genes/tools/…”

Alas. Nothing can help you get the change you want.

Unless, you believe in: You.

The Power of Belief

dance-troop - Smaller

I used to hate dance shows. It’s not because I couldn’t appreciate the art form or people in leotards. I was envious of these dancers who did what I always wanted to do: perform onstage (the fact that they also had amazing physiques didn’t help my case either). I despised how they seemed graced with their ability to perform, which I thought I could never do.

One day, I faced a choice. I could pick the safe route of doing Biology, or I could choose Art. Bear in mind stick figures were my greatest achievement at the time. Yet it was something I’ve always wanted to be good at. Fortunately I disliked bio. I settled on Art, even though it was quite a ways outside my comfort zone. I decided to believe I could do what I wanted.

I still can’t paint to save my life, but I learned how to wield the pencil and crayon to great effect. I entered a number of art competitions and, while I didn’t top any, I became more comfortable with putting my work on display.

Two years later, a friend asked me to perform with her at a competition. I got the chance I’ve always longed for: the chance to dance on stage. As skeptical as I was about my ability to dance, I had learned to start believing in myself. I said yes.

It seemed I was born with a left foot in place of where my right foot should be. Practice was PAINFUL. My friend and I had to drill through the routine for three weeks before it started to really click. Plus, I would practice on my own for hours afterwards. Only on the night before the performance did we begin to see a glimmer of hope.

And then that glimmer of hope disappeared when I nearly dropped my dance partner.

On the night of the performance, I was ready to bail. It would have left my friend in the awful position of not having a routine to display, but I was despondent in the extreme. Luckily, a little voice in my head whispered:

“You’ve put in the work. You know the routine. Go out there and do your best champ. I believe in you.”

I listened to said voice.

Our salsa performance was a smash hit. The audience loved us! It probably didn’t hurt that my shirt was unbuttoned either (#gainz).

Because I was able to believe in myself, I achieved my longtime desire of performing before an audience. Thanks to that experience, I can now enjoy dance shows without that seething envy.

The Takeaway

I rarely ever say you need to do something. However, if you are going to do what you want, you have to be willing to bet on yourself. You need to believe in You.


Stop thinking that you can never get that six-pack, or that it’s too hard to get in shape. Believe. Have faith that you can get what you want. Blow past the excuses you’ve put up before you. Believe in you.

One of the best ways I’ve found to encourage belief is knowledge. By learning, you dispel the myths that keep you from reaching your goal. With a clearer path, you’ll find it easier to believe in your ability to achieve (corny line perhaps, but very true). A few of my favourite sources of knowledge are:

These sources may also help you. And of course, I’ll always do my best to help you on your journey to fitness 🙂

To the betterment of you,

P.S. Self-belief alone may not be enough to help some of us kick our asses in gear. That’s where a coach can step in and help you achieve your goals. If you’re looking for a fitness coach, reach out to me at


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