Dear Ladies, It’s Time To Work Your Upper Body

WOAH there ladies.

It has been brought to my attention that a number of you have been deliberately sabotaging your fitness efforts. Indeed, the squats and donkey kicks are fantastic, but you’re doing yourself a great disservice by neglecting your upper body.

Half a car won’t get you to your destination, and a half-trained body isn’t that good either. Hence I’ve devised a bodyweight workout targeting your torso area, so you’ll be fit and able to go the distance.

Why You Need Upper Body Training

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armskin (1)
“Lunch Lady” Arms. Just one of the reasons you don’t want to neglect arms day

See those drooping triceps? You do not want those to be your arms in a few years. That should be reason enough. For the unconvinced, here are my top 3 benefits of training your upper body.

Benefit #1: Independence

It’s 2017. Chivalry is a scarce resource, and I’m told good men are hard to come by. Hence, you want to be strong enough to take up the slack when the need arises. Strengthening your upper body prepares you for the lifting challenges life hurls your way.

Plus, you will be able to take in the groceries with one trip #independence

Benefit #2: Posture and Aesthetics

Fact: women spend more time on their phones than men. Don’t debate it; I am backed by Google search results and what I see with my own two eyes. I’m sure you can see it too.

Regardless, we all stare at the screen far longer than is healthy, leading to a pandemic of text neck and rounded shoulders. Not only is this unattractive, it leads to some pretty nasty physiological conditions you don’t want.

Obviously, it would be rather impractical to drop your phone in a vat of lava and start communicating via letters. The solution therefore is to salvage your posture through exercise, particularly upper body exercise.

back and neck pain clinic london_good_vs_bad_posture_infographic
Good posture is sexy

Point of note. If you, as a woman, fear that lifting weights with your upper body will make you bulky and manly, rest at ease. For most women, it’s almost impossible to become a she-hulk. The women that do spend YEARS training and dieting in the extreme, and often take steroids too. Women simply lack the testosterone to support massive muscle growth.

What will happen after incorporating upper body into your routine is that people will take note that you look even better. As a guy, I stand testimony to this fact.

All good? All good.

Benefit #3: Coolness Factor

There is something just extremely impressive to us guys when a woman is strong enough to rep out pull-ups. By simply being able to work your way through upper body exercises, you automatically elevate yourself above the other women who stick to cardio on the treadmill. Even just the ability to do push ups with proper form blows minds and makes you look cooler.

She so strong!!

The Workout


*When you can’t do any more pushups, transition to knee pushups.

This is a fairly straightforward workout set, which can be tagged on to the end of your existing workout plans, or used as a standalone. For the first week, perform the first workout thrice a week, and for the second week do the same for the second workout. After the second week, alternate between the two workouts for up to two months. At the two months mark, you should be more than capable of progressing to a more difficult upper body workout.


Let me know how this workout treats you, ladies.

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Nuff Love,

P.S. For all you gentlemen who read through to the end, congratulations! You can now share this with the important ladies in your life. If you know any gal who would love this, send it her way.

Your chances of scoring a date with her will increase by 1002%, guaranteed.

Although… If you had zero chance of going out with her before, 1002 x 0 is still zero… Not much I can do there gentlemen. Cheers!


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