Why Am I Passionate About Fitness

Back when I was a wee lad of 15, my dad asked me to help him move some scaffolding.

You know those metal frames that you use when constructing houses? Yeah those.

He lifted one of the frames with ease, looking like a macho man. Me? Let’s just say I couldn’t carry a frame more than 2 feet before collapsing.

It was pathetic. I was sooo weak. My ego further demolished when my dad said, “Oh boy. I didn’t think you were this unfit.”

I had to fight to avoid crying after he said that.

Fortunately, everything changed from that day on.

My dad brought home a rusty barbell and some weights. He told me to clean them up and then he’d show me a simple workout to start with.

So I cleaned them. Thus, my fitness journey started. And I love every moment of it.

I’ve experienced so much growth from my fitness journey. I am now confident in my body, and the fact that I was able to achieve so much dares me to believe I can achieve more.

Before training, I used to be petrified to speak to people. I was shy, mumbled when I spoke, and found my eyes looking at cracks in the floor instead of the eyes of people I communicated with. Thanks to fitness however, I’m not afraid to hold my head high and speak confidently.

Thanks to fitness, I’m not afraid to take my shirt off at the pool

Thanks to fitness, I’m not afraid of being weak anymore.

Thanks to fitness, I’m not afraid to tackle new challenges. If I could shape my body, I can shape my future.

I want the same for you. I want you to share in all the blessings gains can bestow on you. I want you to look in the mirror and know you are handsome and beautiful.

I want you to be your best you

So join me as we seek to abolish the fat mentality. We shall not be lazy. We shall not stagnate. Instead, we shall live fit, striving ever for better.

Nathaniel Christie