Is Running Good For My Body?

So I have a friend, who I’ll call Ashley.

Ashley had an awesome figure, and decided she’d pick up running to maintain it. At first everything was great. Her endurance improved, climbing stairs became a walk in the park, and all her friends praised her for choosing to run.

Then… Crap happened.

A few weeks into her running program, Ashley checked herself out in the mirror. Her eyes widened as she noticed stretch marks appearing where there were none before. Worst of all, she was losing fat and muscle in all the WRONG places.

Horrified, she stopped running, and has feared running ever since.

It sounds crazy! Men, women, kids, criminals, politicians —  they all run. It’s an activity we see every day.

Yet Ashley’s story makes you wonder…

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How To Move From Skinny To Sexy in 2 Steps – Flipping The Script

When the entire world treats packing on some pounds like the apocalypse, it can seem downright insane to want to GAIN weight. Yet, for some of us, we want nothing more than to add some meat to our frames.

Fear not my thin friends, today the scales shall tip in your favor. Learn what you need to leave skinny behind and accrue healthy, lean, sexy weight. Continue reading “How To Move From Skinny To Sexy in 2 Steps – Flipping The Script”

Get Your Beginners Fitness Checklist Today

Hey there

Super short post today.

I have exciting news! I’ve finally sat my lazy busy self down and finished the Beginners Fitness Checklist.

For all of you who’ve been waiting for a magical remedy to solve your fat-loss problems, stop waiting! Get your Beginners Fitness Checklist now

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Let’s rage war against fat.


Nathaniel Christie: FitNate

Two Common Breakfast Mistakes That Totally Screw with Your Fat-Loss

You stumble out of bed. It’s 6 in the morning, and God damn you want to sleep. Still, you’ve got work to do, so you shuffle down to the kitchen to get some grub. You open the fridge, blinking at the glaring blue light, and reach for the Frosted Flakes on the third shelf. You sit at the dining table, shake out the golden specks, and pour milk on the whole thing. You then sip a spoonful.

Suddenly, an explosion rocks your world as the Calorie Cops leap through your window, knock you to the floor, and backhand you into unconsciousness.

You haven’t been awake 20 minutes and you’ve already screwed up on your fat-loss goals. Continue reading “Two Common Breakfast Mistakes That Totally Screw with Your Fat-Loss”