Is Running Good For My Body?

So I have a friend, who I’ll call Ashley.

Ashley had an awesome figure, and decided she’d pick up running to maintain it. At first everything was great. Her endurance improved, climbing stairs became a walk in the park, and all her friends praised her for choosing to run.

Then… Crap happened.

A few weeks into her running program, Ashley checked herself out in the mirror. Her eyes widened as she noticed stretch marks appearing where there were none before. Worst of all, she was losing fat and muscle in all the WRONG places.

Horrified, she stopped running, and has feared running ever since.

It sounds crazy! Men, women, kids, criminals, politicians —  they all run. It’s an activity we see every day.

Yet Ashley’s story makes you wonder…

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How To Move From Skinny To Sexy in 2 Steps – Flipping The Script

When the entire world treats packing on some pounds like the apocalypse, it can seem downright insane to want to GAIN weight. Yet, for some of us, we want nothing more than to add some meat to our frames.

Fear not my thin friends, today the scales shall tip in your favor. Learn what you need to leave skinny behind and accrue healthy, lean, sexy weight. Continue reading “How To Move From Skinny To Sexy in 2 Steps – Flipping The Script”

Dear Ladies, It’s Time To Work Your Upper Body

WOAH there ladies.

It has been brought to my attention that a number of you have been deliberately sabotaging your fitness efforts. Indeed, the squats and donkey kicks are fantastic, but you’re doing yourself a great disservice by neglecting your upper body.

Half a car won’t get you to your destination, and a half-trained body isn’t that good either. Hence I’ve devised a bodyweight workout targeting your torso area, so you’ll be fit and able to go the distance. Continue reading “Dear Ladies, It’s Time To Work Your Upper Body”

Why Lift Weights When You Can Lift Yourself?

From the time man discovered the glories of the gym, a cataclysmic war has been waged in the fitness world.

Like the Allied versus the Axis powers, this war is waged by people divided into two camps: Calisthenics (Bodyweight) versus Free Weights (IRON!).

Today I propose we put an end to this war, and help you choose the best path to fitness glory. Continue reading “Why Lift Weights When You Can Lift Yourself?”

Get Hot Like Summer Workout Plan

Whatever President Trump says to the contrary, Global Warming is real. Mother Earth is getting hotter than ever before, and it’s about time you do too.

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Combat Workout Laziness with This Unexpected Technique

Working out sucks.

You’re so busy, so frazzled, so unmotivated that even the thought of working out feels like a ridiculously unfair burden.

It’s so tempting to toss the training and nutrition away, and be consumed by work, relationships, or Netflix on the couch. If you’re not seeing the results you want, it becomes even easier to throw in the towel. “I was going to be fat, anyway,” you tell yourself.

When workout laziness strikes and exercise becomes a chore, here’s a technique to get you back on the narrow path to glorious gains. Continue reading “Combat Workout Laziness with This Unexpected Technique”

The Killing Joke Workout

BREAKING NEWS: Batman has been killed by the Joker! Gotham — no, the entire world is in danger. The Joker plans to release his Joker Venom this evening via ballistic missile, and no one will be smiling after that. Luckily, the world has a hero: you. Of course, you’re going to have to train your ass harder than Affleck to get in shape for this fight.

Today, you take your first step in the fight against crime: The Killing Joke Workout. Continue reading “The Killing Joke Workout”

Why Stretching is Hurting Your Gains

I almost got kicked in the face today

But before that, a little backstory.

I had found myself sharing my exercise space with a karate class. We were in a dance studio (hey, you can exercise anywhere) and I was to the far left of the room, while the karate class of about eight students occupied the right half of the room.

I had started my own warm-up routine – jumping jacks, shoulder rotations, push-ups, squats, the works – when I glanced over at the class and saw them doing… toe touches! Then I heard the instructor say, “Stretching is the most important thing you’ll do as your warm up.”

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How To Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions in 3 Simple Steps

It’s been only 22 days into the new year and already you’re feeling defeated.

You’ve promised yourself you wouldn’t be a couch potato this year, yet you’re already back to watching 6 hours of The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl per day. You swore yourself off soda, but you can count how many hours it’s been since your last Coca Cola on one hand. You said you’d exercise more, and still your sneakers are as clean as when you bought them.

It’s 2017, and you’re ready to give up. Just like last year.


…. Or the year before

You can’t live like this! At the risk of being cheesy, New Year, New You. It’s time to crush your Resolutions the way the pro’s do it: one step at a time.

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